EMT Era Management and Technology






Below are testimonials of our expertise and commitment:



"It was a positive and productive meeting.  Thank you so much for your help in giving us the knowledge we need to continue to advocate for our son."
-Bridget A, Parent


"I'd pay big bucks for staff and me to attend sessions on anything Dawn says."
- Keith B, principal


"I worked with Dawn Ratke as both a teacher and an administrator for 18 years. She is approachable, extremely knowledgeable regarding Special Education laws & regulations, and willing to support all personnel working with students so that those children receive the most comprehensive education possible. She has one priority foremost in her mind and that is the academic and social success of all students. Dawn’s communication skills with parents, students, and coworkers are exceptional. She is a master educator for ALL students especially those receiving Special Education services. Her heart lies in understanding and advocating for special needs students so that they may reach their maximum potential. Working with Dawn enabled me to grown professionally so that I too had a more comprehensive understanding of students with special needs. Her skill in helping teachers and administrators grow professionally provided many more advocates on school campuses."
- Laura W, principal