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Dawn Ratke has been passionate in serving children with special needs for more than 20 years. Dawn was the resource teacher that worked to help students achieve academic and social/emotional success.


Dawn has over 25 years of educational experience, serving in various capacities which include: special education in a self-contained classroom, special education pull out and itinerant support, classroom teacher with mainstreamed students on IEP, classroom teacher in a split grade level class, compliance coordinator, director of special education in a large unified school district, special education director at a charter school, and most importantly, as parents. With the needs of children and families being our top priority, she is experienced, knowledgeable, and consistently collaborating on consultation and advocacy cases to maximize outcomes for students.


Dawn Ratke, M. Ed.
AZ Educational Partners, LLC


Dawn Ratke has dedicated her 25 year career to passionately working on behalf of students with special needs and their families. She spent 10 years teaching in a resource classroom designing and implementing instructional plans for students with a myriad of disabilities where she proved to be an effective educator, collaborator and advocate for children. She specialized not only in instructional strategies, but also behavioral supports and interventions, where rapport with the student and family was easily established, maintained and utilized to maximize both academic and behavioral outcomes.

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Dawn Ratke, M. ED.